ebook - Software Testing and QTP Automation

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Note: This was published long back (in 2010) when the UFT tool was known as QTP. Though the Software Testing section of this ebook is still relevant and valid, the QTP section may not be very useful now. Buy this ebook only if you want to read the software testing section.

In 2010 I came up with this ebook by including all the experiences I gathered while working on various key Software Testing projects.

This eBook covers the below topics

Importance of Software Testing

Basics of Quality Assurance (QA) in Software Development

Software Testing Terms

Writing Good Test Cases and Finding Bugs effectively

Tips and Tricks for doing AdHoc Testing

Best Practices in Software Testing

Importance of Software Test Automation using tools such as QTP

Need of Domain Knowledge for Software Testers

Software Testing Questions and Answers

Introduction to QTP

How to Learn QTP?

Understanding Object Repository

Understanding Action Iteration and Test Iteration

Required Steps/Processes in QTP Automation

Best Practices in QTP Automation

Scheduling QTP Script Execution

Basics of vbscript

KeyWord Driven Testing and Framework in QTP

Disadvantage of Descriptive Programming in QTP

Tips for doing effective QTP script Development

QTP Questions and Answers

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ebook - Software Testing and QTP Automation

0 ratings
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