Course - ChatGPT and Google Gemini for Beginners - Videos and PDF files

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Unleash the Power of ChatGPT & Google Gemini: Become a Master in Just One Course!

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AI Tools ChatGPT and Google Gemini are becoming part of our Lives. They can be useful for our daily activities and for improving our career growth and business development.

This course will be useful for beginners who want to know about ChatGPT and Google Gemini. It includes a recorded video showing details about usage of ChatGPT and Gemini, and a few PDF files giving detailed information about prompt engineering. And, you will get a PDF file listing MCQ Quiz questions for testing your knowledge in chatGPT and Gemini.

This Course includes the things mentioned below. All the videos have subtitles/CC options so that you can read the text while watching the video.

  • Prompt engineering -pdf file (76 pages)
  • Unlocking Google Gemini -pdf file (48 pages)
  • Explaining ChatGPT and Gemini with Demo - Video (32 minutes)
  • Best Practices and Tips for Using ChatGPT and Gemini. - Video (4 minutes)
  • MCQ Quiz for testing your knowledge about ChatGPT and Gemini - pdf file (3 pages)
  • Difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning - Video (4 minutes)
  • ChatGPT vs Gemini - Video (4:30 minutes)
  • Sample Conversation with ChatGPT app - Video (5:50 minutes)
  • Google AI Studio Overview - Video (7:35 minutes)
  • Creating Quiz using Google Gemini - Video (6:25 minutes)
  • Use Google Gemini to earn money online - Video (19:50 minutes)
  • Twitter Promotion using Google Gemini - Video (12:00 minutes)
  • Creating a Simple Web App using Google Gemini API - Video (8:09 minutes)
  • Customizing ChatGPT - Video (7:32 minutes)
  • What Are AI Hallucinations? - Video (4:28 minutes)
  • Use both Gemini and chatGPT together to get maximum benefits - Video (7:10 minutes)
  • Prompt Gmail/Docs/Drive with Google Gemini - Video (6:25 minutes)
  • Tuning Google Gemini web app’s responses - Video (1:58 minutes)

Watch below the sample Lecture Video.

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  • Unlock the Power of AI: "ChatGPT and Gemini are the cutting-edge AI language models. This course equips you to harness their power for creative writing, content generation, and efficient communication."
  • Boost Productivity & Save Time: "Imagine automating repetitive tasks and generating high-quality content in minutes. This course shows you how ChatGPT and Gemini can streamline your workflow and free up valuable time."
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: "AI is rapidly transforming various fields. Learning ChatGPT and Gemini positions you as a skilled user, ready to leverage this powerful technology for personal and professional success."

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  • Beginner-Friendly: "This course is specifically designed for beginners. No prior coding experience is needed. We'll guide you step-by-step to master ChatGPT and Gemini."
  • Unlock Your Creativity: "Go beyond the limitations of writer's block. This course teaches you how to use ChatGPT and Gemini to spark fresh ideas and explore new creative avenues."
  • Practical Applications: "Learn how to use ChatGPT and Gemini for real-world applications. From crafting compelling social media posts to generating marketing copy, this course empowers you to put your new skills to work. Even it teaches how to create a web app using Gemini API"
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About Course Creator:

This course was created by myself (Rajamanickam Antonimuthu) by putting in a lot of effort and hard work. I used Google Gemini and chatGPT to create this course. I was surprised by the power of Google Gemini when I was using it to create my book "AI Insights into the Bible" But I came to know that many people are still not knowing about the power of these AI tools. So, decided to come up with this course as it can help me to earn money using the demand, and help the course buyers to improve their careers and business using the opportunities provided by these AI Tools.

I have more than 25 years of experience in various things like web development, software testing, running a small IT company, writing/publishing/selling ebooks, flipping websites, doing digital marketing,  and running blogs and YouTube channels. I am interested in emerging technologies and uploaded thousands of videos to tell about new innovations. You can hire me for affordable hourly charges if you want one-on-one coaching or for doing PHP web development, Software Testing, or Digital marketing.

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Videos and PDF files teaching ChatGPT and Google Gemini

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Course - ChatGPT and Google Gemini for Beginners - Videos and PDF files

2 ratings
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